Solving current problems with yesterday’s process will hurt your business … BIG TIME!
Software development has improved exponentially over the last few years … not only in technology but mainly in the way it is executed.
There is no point talking about buzz words like Big Data, HTML5, and Mobility etc… If takes too long to use and see the improvement in your business.
Client engagement in design is the key to success in software projects.
At Medullus Systems, we use visualization tools to get feedback from the client (and users) regarding screen design within the first week of the project.
While we wait for the feedback the business logic and the backend work is underway using Rapid Application Development tools. This is possible using methods that distinctly separates the presentation layer (user screens), business logic layer and the data layer.
Integrating changes in design as per feedback from users are very easily and quickly integrated.
It is very common for requirements to be refined as users see the screens – the process outlined above identifies these changes and enable us to build them into the app without change requests after the project is completed!!
Making the project live in beta version allows most of the user base to comment on experience and suggest additional changes. During this process the old data (if any) is migrated (and mostly cleaned) using migration tools mastered by our data experts.
Finally we leverage the hosting partner’s scalable plans to increase hardware as the user base increases.


Roni Banerjee

roniRoni has 16 years of experience in leading small to large scale IT projects for various markets. Roni successfully founded 2 companies spanning multiple locations and time-zones. He rolls up his sleeves and gets into software development anytime you ask him and database development is his passion – we call him “our sequel junkie”! Roni has a Bachelor’s in Engineering, his very valued PMP and is close to finishing his Global MBA from the coveted Warwick Business School in the UK. When asked about his personal life he says “We, my wife and 2 boys, live in the picturesque Hudson Valley region of New York. A Yankees and New York Giants fan, I also enjoy strumming my guitars every day, mixing recipes from different cultures when I get some time and hack away during an occasional round of golf.”

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