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Treasury teams typically have various internal and external processes and collaboration protocols that can be managed much more efficiently using standardized workflow solutions. Such processes could include

  • Cross departmental processes such as requests for bank guarantees, letters of credit, corporate guarantees, comfort letters, etc.
  • Approval and/or execution processes such as bank account administration requests, FX trade requests, payment and funding requests, etc.
  • External processes such as payment queries from banks, periodic balance confirmations with vendors and customers, periodic bank account signer confirmations with banks, etc.

Our solution provides a standard workflow process that can accommodate all such types of requests in a streamlined and controlled manner while maintaining robust records and documentation for all requests and underlying processes.

Efficient Workflow Design

Workflows are designed in collaboration with key stakeholders as well as in line with internal approval guidelines to ensure the most efficient and compliant flow.

Ø [01] Improve productivity &
cross-functional collaboration
Ø [02] Seamless flow of
information across functions
Ø [03] Standardized, repeatable
and measurable processes
Ø [04] Common interface across
all functions and processes
Ø [05] Reduce lead time in key
organizational processes
Ø [06] Process in real-time and
reduce work-in-process
Ø [07] Integrated document
management system
Ø [08] SSO across systems for
seamless workflows
Ø [09] Smart-forms, audit trails
to ensure data consistency
Ø [10] Feedback loops to
continuously improve
Ø [11] Controls to ensure first-
time-right workflows
Ø [12] Real-time alerts and
notifications across devices
Ø [13] Workflows that ensure
data governance
Ø [14] Defined roles and
responsibilities in systems
Ø [15] Entry, exit point
integrations to reduce rework
Component 2 of the LeanCash solution is our customized-for-you Workflow Management system that
provides end to end automation of key finance and treasury processes and workflows on our proprietary
BPM platform. We optimize and streamline treasury touchpoints through the following:

Smart Forms

Intuitive and interactive input screens that ensure all relevant information is collected upfront from the appropriate sources to avoid wastage through back and forth communications. Additionally, conditional logic and data validation (including ability to integrate with internal databases) options help control quality and validity of information being input – to ensure things get done “first time right”!

Audit Trail

Each workflow is backed by a detailed log of every action along the way – which can be traced all the way to the associated records and document sets.

Alerts and Notifications

Programmable alerts and notifications to alert relevant users on new workflows, action updates, overdue workflows, etc.

Integrated Data Lake and Reporting

Workflows are fully integrated with an inbuilt data lake that records all data pertaining to the workflows as well as the underlying records. Robust reporting module enables variety of reporting options from the internal data set.

Integrated Document Management

Fully integrated document library that stores various documents collected and generated within the underlying processes – each document can be linked back to original workflow(s).


Smart and Intuitive Front End

Various functionalities of the solution – workflows, approvals, reports, documents – are accessible from an easy to use standardized front end. This provides an efficient platform for teams to manage all their processes from one place.

Mobile Access

Inbuilt tools simplify sensitivity analysis and stress testing by provide users with slide rule type levers to adjust and modulate desired parameters.

Additional Capabilities

100% Customizable Workflows

Rule based ‘’Smart Forms” that enforce completeness and standardization of data. Services around designing recommended process based on an assessment of your organizational structure and systems landscape

Smart Connections

Integrating workflow with systems and platforms across various functional groups on both inbound and outbound for cross functional data integrity and standardization

Custom Roles & Approvals

Integration with your internal sign on protocols to provide seamless identification of relevant role members within the process/workflow

Problems we are solving

Automating Workflows

“Manual intervention in key workflows is a problem for all corporates, but particularly the largest.”, Ovum [2016]
“39% of the very largest corporates face challenges from manual intervention in key workflows.”, Temenos [2016]

Group Operational Workflows

“Treasurers are being further challenged by their Board and Executive Committee to add value to group operations rather than operate as an individual team.”, Deloitte [2017]

Usability of Systems

“While an increased percentage of survey participants have indicated system usage for typical treasury responsibilities, systems are not being fully leveraged to support the whole of Treasury function.”, Deloitte [2017]