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Most organizations have some level of automation of payment and cash management processes – but these automation processes are often disparate and are designed and managed in ways that are not optimal, causing inefficiencies and non-value added processes. Our LeanCash Payment Solutions offer full service plug and play virtual payment hub development and setup to ensure maximum optimization of your enterprise wide payment and cash management processes.

Seamless Integration

With multiple internal systems/platforms associated with payment and cash management processes and with external providers such as banks, credit card processing vendors and other payment solutions providers – all major connection types and protocols such as FTP, AS1, AS2, AS3, AS4, HTTPS, EBICS (Euro) supported.

» Connections &
integrations across
A/P systems, ERPs,
» File Mapping &
Exchange through
our “drag-n-drop”
» Central payment hub
& one common
interface across all
BUs, banks, systems
» Bank message and
routing for all banks
and BUs
» Scheduled transmission of
payments based on
custom and configurable
» Tracking &
Reporting of
errors, delays,
success & custom
» Monitor & control
the entire payment
hub through one
» SWIFTnet
Integrations with all
your banks
» Intelligent batching
and queuing of all
payment files and
» Alerts & notifications for
all “payment hub”
processes and functions

File Mapping & Exchange

Coordination with banks to develop and test file formats and connections as well as working with internal IT teams to ensure compliance with policies and guidelines.

Collaborative Implementations

Through our “drag-n-drop” interface – supported formats include standards like EDI, XML and SWIFTNet formats including ISO XML 20022 – custom bank proprietary formats also supported.  Efficient file mapping structures allow companies to combine and normalize financial messaging from across disparate systems.

Alerts and Notifications

To control and monitor processes – rejection notifications, payment processed notification, missing bank statements, etc.


Inbuilt Controls and Intelligence

To detect and flag evident anomalies like duplicate payments or payment files, suspicious payments, etc.

Reporting Module and Data Archives

To keep track of historic activity and run metrics to measure performance indicators –  to evaluate internal payment processes as well as benchmark performance of banks related to payment processes.


LeanCash Payment Hub Command Center

User friendly and streamlined central front end to monitor and control all enterprise wide payment processes in one place – enables efficient management of all the connections and allows organizations to build centralized expertise to manage these processes.

Additional Capabilities

Common Interface

Common interface through our LeanCash Payment Hub to monitor and track transmission activities across business units, banks, platforms and systems with alerts, notifications and logs, including Just-in-time payments, A/P automation & Invoice to pay.

Deep Integrations

Our integration tools bring ERP data in our Payments Hub Command Center and this is done with little to no disruption to your operations. Minimizing waste, maximizing value streams is what we are looking for in our all components and we have seen that providing a common Payments Hub interface brings big value to treasury and finance functions.


Inbuilt scheduler allows you to set a schedule for transmission of files where needed – ex. Warehousing payment messages that are for value date of more than 5 days out and releasing them 2 business days before desired value date.

Problems we are solving

Traceability of Payments

“Tracing payments in case of problems was the #1 challenge cited by corporate treasurers. 61% said standardization and automation was key.”, Swift [2016]

Easy-to-implement Payment Hubs

“Payments hubs make it easier for institutions to integrate with fast changing newer digital channels such as mobile, internet and social media. Also, payments hubs bring in agility, consistency, competitiveness, centralized control and adherence to regulations.”, McKinsey & Company [2016]

Cross-Border Trade

“The importance of cross-border trade require treasurers to access a broad range of trade and payment solutions, creating challenges in integrations and automations.”, Temenos [2016]

Consistent Payment Workflows

“The biggest hole that hackers exploit is the inconsistent workflows between payment initiation and transmission to the bank across the different teams. One of the solutions to plug this hole is implementing a payment hub”, Kyriba [2015]