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A big challenge we have seen for treasury teams is to get support from internal IT to implement their projects – treasury always seem to be last in line when it comes to getting prioritization from IT. In such cases, Medullus can help manage such projects and implementations.

We are a full-service software development company focusing on Lean Solutions for Treasury and Finance. Apart from our LeanCash solution we also offer ala-carte solutions for Treasury & Finance. These are as below.

  • Project Management Support for Treasury/Finance Implementations.
  • Customized database builds for Treasury/Finance data sets from multiple sources.
  • Data Governance, Data Rationalization & Data Management Projects.
  • Bank Admin Management systems – centralize your BAM and access from anywhere.
  • Mini programs/macro builds for specific Treasury/Finance activities.
  • Custom Software Development for Treasury/Finance. Blockchain consulting & development.

Blockchain Development & Consulting

We have 2 years of extensive Blockchain development experience. Ethereum Smart Contracts, IBM Hyperledger and R3 Corda. We believe that Blockchain is not a replacement for traditional centralized databases – at least not yet! Rather, it can complement centralized data management with shared ledgers, smart contracts and eventually build trustless ecosystems. The benefits of a Blockchain implementation, especially a permissioned Blockchain implementation across an ecosystem of business units, functions, legal entities, customers, suppliers, auditors, banks and financial institutions can transform organizations and provide a big competitive advantage without disrupting existing centralized systems.Build trust in a trustless-fashion – a shared ledger of truth / contract / transaction / history across all parties in a permissioned Blockchain. We are happy to host a session on Blockchain for you so you can see what it can do for your organization without any disruption.

Specialized Solutions

Bank Admin

One area which often creates challenges for treasurers is bank admin – keeping track of bank accounts, account signers, keeping this information current and several other bank admin tasks. This is compounded by the fact that there are not many robust products or solutions in the market. We help create custom solutions to take control of bank admin needs – integrated workflows to manage changes with the ability to run desired views around bank account data.

Customized Databases

Treasury & Finance often need customized databases to manage key components and information sets.Medullus builds such database and these can be integrated with data from multiple systems to form a consolidated single source of truth. This could also be used for driving data governance and data rationalization projects where data from multiple systems can be integrated to form common organizational data standards.