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Mobile applications and the desire for Finance leaders to want to do more with mobile devices is a hot topic these days, especially when traveling but the available offerings and options are still at a nascent stage. Our LeanCash mobile solution offers a customized app that enables mobile access to all your key processes and applications to provide a one stop fully mobile solution that is secure and user friendly. Additionally, all our LeanCash solutions are accessible over mobile devices.


Treasury and finance executives are required to process various approvals on a day to day basis – FX trade approvals, payment approvals, bank account administration approvals, workflow approvals. LeanCash mobile apps simplify the process by securely integrating with key finance and treasury systems and platforms to enable approvals through mobile devices.

Approve all treasury requests
on your mobile device from
anywhere, anytime based on
roles & security
View your top KPIs across all
BUs, filter and drill down to
different BUs, departments
and transactions
KPIs & Dashboard
Secure and encrypted
eWallets and ePayments that
connect to your payment
hub, banks and financial
systems across all BUs
View workflow status, take
action on workflows and
tasks, assign new tasks and
view all reports associated
with your workflows
Manage Workflow
Get all treasury alerts
(actionable) and notifications
on your app. Maintain
privacy by getting only a
“new alert” badge
“Approve my order”,
“Approve transfer”
“View cash position”,
“View cash pooled”
“Make ePayments”,
“View account details”
“Approve task”,
“Assign task”
“Alert from system”,
“Bank alerts”

KPIs & Dashboard

Our LeanCash mobile app can enable treasury and finance executives to view their dashboard and key KPI’s (including real time reports) empowering them to stay informed and take decisions while on the move! This can be accomplished either by integrating our LeanCash BI solution or existing reporting systems with our mobile apps


eWallets/Digital Wallets

Our LeanCash mobile app can be integrated with eWallets/Digital Wallets to provide seamless access and functionality.

Manage Workflows

Our LeanCash mobile apps allow users to manage all aspects of their workflows from mobile devices – view workflow status, take action on workflows and tasks, assign new tasks and view all reports associated with workflows. This can be accomplished either by integrating our LeanCash workflow solution or existing workflow/BPM solution with our mobile apps.


Alerts and Notifications

Our LeanCash mobile apps enable real time alerts and notifications pertaining to multiple functional areas and/or process updates – new approval requests, updated report availability, key market updates, workflow updates, etc. via seamless integration with key treasury and finance platforms. These alerts can be fully customized to suit the executive and organizational requirements – definition of who receives what alerts, level of alerts, notification options, privacy settings, etc.

Additional Capabilities

Cash Positions On-the-go

Dashboard with key cash balance metrics – there can be multiple views to cover different types of reports such as liquidity reports, profitability metrics, as well as a high level view displaying the top 5 metrics of your department, organization.

Deep Integrations

Appscan link to the various functionsof your Treasury & Finance –integrate with your TMS, bank admin system, and risk tools to provide you seamless access to all your apps and processes.

Cross Platform Portability

We use Microsoft’s mobility platform called Xamarin – it enables us to code the application and business logic only once so that it can be reused for iOS and Android. The forms are coded as per their independent O/S. Usage of Xamarin& DevOps concepts (CICD) helps us reduce the time to Go Live and ensures quick ROI.

Problems we are solving

Cost & Operational Efficiency

“Manual processing and the functionality of mobile services are key pain points for corporates when it comes to cost and operational efficiency.”, Ovum [2016]

“Growing interest in mobile for accessing information, executing orders, facilitating reports and provide transaction alerts and confirmations.”, Boston Consulting Group [2017]

Real-time Treasury, On-the-go

“The ability to view real-time balance information on mobile is a clear requirement for 47% of small and mid-sized corporates.”, Temenos [2016]

“Treasurers must be able to monitor and react quickly to changing circumstances. Real time viewing of a large organization's cash position, for example, is vital to safeguarding its financial stability and can be enhanced by using the mobile channel.”, GTNews [2013]