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Our Treasury and Finance solutions offerings are focused on helping our clients improve efficiency and productivity around their key processes by implementing Lean solutions to provide value with minimal disruptions.

To this end, we have developed our LeanCash model which assesses and provides solutions in key treasury and finance areas such as business intelligence, workflow management, shared services integrations, mobile access and payments automation.

What is LeanCash

Medullus LeanCash is a tried-and-tested solution that draws upon Lean concepts to streamline Corporate Treasury and Finance by eliminating waste in processes and functions which helps to manage liquidity and risks in the most optimal way.

There are 5 components of Medullus LeanCash. By eliminating waste from each of these components and improving Treasury and Finance processes and functions along these components, an organization can see big gains in operations.

Business Intelligence
Done for you reporting and treasury data
warehouse with at-a-glance KPIs accessible
from all your devices anywhere, anytime.
Workflow Management
End to end automation of key finance
and treasury processes and workflows
on our proprietary BPM platform.
Shared Services Integrations
Integrated system solutions to enable and support
centralized functions such as Financial Shared
Services, payment factories, in house banks.
Mobile Apps
Treasury-on-the-go – bring mobility and
agility to your treasury with integrated
mobile solutions.
Payments Automation
eConnect treasury, banks and all trading partners
seamlessly using end-to-end EDI, XML, SWIFTNet
and other bank proprietary formats.

LeanCash Score

The solution is managed through the Medullus LeanCash Score which is derived through an assessment of Corporate Treasury and Finance processes and functions of organizations and has been created after 5,000 hours of development, trials, tests and implementation across multiple Fortune 500 companies. Improving LeanCash Score guarantees improvement of Treasury processes and functions.

Based on your LeanCash score you get a gap-analysis based on your score as well as comparative scores across your industry, company size, demographics and ecosystems.