Rebate Management

Rebate Management is at the heart of the operations of buying groups. Traditional ERP systems do not have this function. There are some organizations that have rebate systems, but they are either not customizable or are part of a bigger EDI system that is extremely disruptive and expensive to implement. Our Rebate Management system can be used as a standalone application or can be integrated with your existing ERP/Accounting system.

The Medullus rebate solution encompasses the following

  • Setup of rebates – guaranteed rebates, growth-goal or incentive rebates, tiered rebates, exception management of rebates (by vendor, member, SKU, product category), rebate formulae (accrual and payment)
  • Earn rebates – based on setup, calculate member-earned rebates from invoice lines. If your buying group does not take billing, we can connect to your member systems and do these calculations (requires participation from your membership).
  • Receive rebates – receive rebate payments from vendors
  • Reconcile rebates – reconcile received rebates and spread them as per the history of member purchases. Reconcile “earned to received” rebates and manage rebate received from vendors.
  • Payout rebates – pay rebates to vendors – connect to your Accounting systems to create payables and rebate checks.
  • Integrated Business Intelligence suite with ability to build reports for your group, members and vendors. Publish reports to your website.

Built in Microsoft .NET framework, Microsoft SQL Server, Analysis Services, Crystal Reports, Power BI, Sharepoint, EDI X12, any-to-any transactions and can be hosted as a private, hybrid or public cloud service.



Integrated System

Integrate with your current Accounting system, website, ERP system.

100% EDI Enabled

Connect all your members and vendors into 1 ecosystem using EDI and intelligent integrations.

Cloud Based

Operates in Microsoft Azure cloud which is highly secure, available, scalable and affordable.

Buying Group Software

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