Co-op Cockpit

Our solution encompasses a complete management dashboard of your Buying Group. We work with your systems to build your Buying Group Universe (a data warehouse that has all the entities/actors/players of your business and their measures – sales, service fees, rebates, quantities and volumes across different units of measure, key performing indicators or KPIs and entity relations)

Measure and manage the following:

  • Rebates
  • YTD Sales
  • Sales to Budget
  • Inventory
  • Service Charges
  • Credits & Claims
  • Marketing $
  • Trade Shows
  • Slice & dice across years, quarters, months
  • Slice & dice across members, regions, locations
  • Slice & dice across vendors, products, SKUs, categories
  • Slice & dice across member & vendors – create your own reports and views.

Publish, share, schedule reports to run – weekly, monthly


Integrated System

Integrate with your current Accounting system, website, ERP system.

100% EDI Enabled

Connect all your members and vendors into 1 ecosystem using EDI and intelligent integrations.

Cloud Based

Operates in Microsoft Azure cloud which is highly secure, available, scalable and affordable.

Buying Group Software

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