Claims Management

Claims, disputes and credits are an issue with almost any organization or supply chain. The origin of a claim, reasons, proof, process, dispute management across organizations and the process of issuing, sending, accepting and reconciling credits is never easy. We have 15+ years of experience in implementing Claims Management systems for buying groups where these problems are magnified, especially for groups that accept central billing and the actual fulfillment of orders are done directly between the vendor and the member.


The system has the following features:

  • Connect with your ERP and Accounting platform to load invoice and PO data into the Claims Management system to avoid double-entry of data to create a claim.
  • Members can login and create a claim. Buying Groups can also create a claim on behalf of a member.
  • Claims are routed to the appropriate credit/dispute management contact at the vendors end. This is done by preloading the right contacts for credits and claims for each vendor. Vendors and the Buying Group can also update vendor credit contacts.
  • Claim reasons, proof (pictures, documents) are uploaded to the Claims Management system to help resolve the claim.
  • The system allows seamless collaboration across the 3 parties (member, vendor and buying group) with email notifications and mobile alerts.
  • If the claim results in a credit, vendors can upload the credit invoice right into the system and the credit invoice can also be imported into the Buying Groups or members ERP/Accounting system.
  • Claims are aged and there are detailed Management reports which are actionable – eg: setup rules to auto deduct the credit based on a member/vendor pair for certain types of claims and date. Or setup, any custom rule.



Built using C# .NET, Microsoft SQL Server, Analysis Services, Crystal Reports, Power BI and can be hosted as a private, hybrid or public cloud service.


Integrated System

Integrate with your current Accounting system, website, ERP system.

100% Customizable

Customize the solution to meet any business need for managing credits, claims and disputes for your members.w.

Any Hosting

Can be installed on premise or in a “true” cloud environment so that the solution is highly scalable, secure and affordable.

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