Medullus Road To DevOps

What this series of blogs on Medullus DevOps are about!

The road to DevOps has been paved with challenges - some technical, some educational …. But mostly cultural.

For us being spread across multiple locations (NY, NJ, NC, India) accentuated this challenge - But then again you know the saying … 'Where there is a will' - we would like to be on it ;)!

We will outline a series of posts of our transition to DevOps - Why we did it, the challenges we faced, the improvements we had to make, the results we achieved and above all how YOU can benefit from our journey! So read on ….

It starts with collaboration and culture change

If you look up DevOps you will get a bunch of materials on tools, automation and other technical posts - few underline the importance of human relations …. The 'cultural' aspects of DevOps.

How can you expect DEVelopment and OPerationS to work together if they do not know each other?

You cannot - coz you can automate the hell out of a process but you still need humans to design, monitor and better them.

a family that eats together stays together - ever thought about why?  There could be many answers … one of them is engaging in discussions …. Asking questions!

A key attribute missing in most developers!

A real-life example: U/X and QA in silos

DevOps Silos

A few years back we did a project where our U/X guru outlined a dashboard with a series of data grids. In the user story he specified the URLs for the grid that can be used during development. The screens were built the demos looked cool with awesome drag and drop features to group and sort the data in the grid.

It was a new application so we did not require any data to be moved - the application went live and week 1 was a big success!!

Week 2 - the dashboard started taking longer to load - things that were thrown around were … network issues, internet speed, server problems. It took a day for 'Client Side Grid' to pop up in the discussions. Volume testing was not done (Hey it was 2009! And what did we know about DevOps back then!)

Automated performance (Volume) testing would have caught the issue - but had the developer asked 'how many records are we expecting for the grid?' the issue wouldn't have occurred.

Now it is in our standard training document to ask the data set size question whenever we need to make a choice of using a server side vs client side controls. Over the years we saw the importance of lazy loading, pagination and various other techniques to improve performance - we share these with our new and existing team members via our training docs, new things go up as Lab topics' queue and the outcome is demo-ed by a developer during our monthly company huddle.

It is not easy for an introvert person from another continent asking a question to a client facing profile -- but it IS important! We found it the developers’ way -- Error 408!!

DevOps 408 Error

A quick fix to get started?

While we do not prescribe anyone to change their personality, a successful DevOps transformation do need all team members to ask questions, engage in discussions …. Maybe a meal together but at least some FaceTime with each other. The culture aspect of DevOps can be mitigated by these and then some …

Stay tuned for more on our DevOps journey together!



Blog post by: Sam Banerjee. Reach Sam @

Sam ensures Medullus's drumbeat of execution is in rhythm (heads Operations!) - an IT professional with a myriad of experience across various platforms and domains with significant knowledge in the design, implementation and testing of various systems for organizations as ADP, Bristol-Myers Squibb & Ross Stores. With a Masters in Computer Science from SUNY, Sam leads the Tech innovations within Medullus (Artificial Intelligence, BlockChain, Mobility, BI).