As law firms continue to maintain highly sensitive client data with notoriously weak safeguards to protect it, they are increasingly coveted targets for hackers. Small and mid-sized NY law firms are especially susceptible and should, therefore, conduct regular vulnerability assessments to establish and maintain a baseline of their threat landscape. An outside firm such as NYC based Partners in Regulatory Compliance can help expose actual weaknesses that an experienced attacker could leverage to penetrate the firm’s system. Further, it’s CISO-as-a-Serviceallows firms to split their investment between leadership and IT infrastructure, independently monitor attacks or breaches that impact their networks, and enhance their approach to information governance and cybersecurity hygiene.

While law firms are not required to have flawless security practices, they need industry standard protocols maintained by a minimal level of expertise and sufficiently advanced tools they can supplement with outside support, beyond perimeter protection technology, generic anti-virus software, updated security tools, prompt patching, operating system upgrades, and routine backups.

It is critical for legal teams to collaborate with organizations that understand the nuances of working with personal health information or restricted financial details and the heightened regulatory requirements associated with each. A vulnerability assessment can ensure the maximum level of compliance.Partners in Regulatory Compliance provides cybersecurity for law firms in NYC and the greater NY Tri-state area. For more information contact them at (646)863-9050 or